The Power Glider® by STRETCH FX® was engineered and developed as a solution to deliver an All-in-One stretching device to users throughout the world with ease of use, assembly, portability, joint protection.

​Our research revealed the inherent feature of putting pressure on the joints and lower back during use, which may result in injury. This led us to create our angled / triangular bar, so your hands are ergonomically positioned to engage, align and support your wrists, elbows and shoulders during use.

​In addition, our two-wheel construction reinforces another Power Glider™ advantage over horizontal bar devices by giving balance during use – 

for Stretching / Increasing Range of Motion / Building Core and Overall Body Strength.

​For your health, wellness & fitness at home, office or on the road start using the Power Glider® today!

For results you will see and feel . . .

Patented • Copyright & Trademarks • StretchFX,LLC 2019 • All Rights Reserved

Discover how using the Power Glider® can easily Strengthen, Tone, Define, Shape, Tighten and Firm your body.

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