The Power Glider® by STRETCH FX® was engineered and developed as a solution to deliver an All-in-One stretching device to users throughout the world with ease of use, assembly, portability, joint protection and 100’s of uses. 

Although millions of horizontal bar devices have been purchased to date, our research revealed the inherent feature of putting pressure on the joints and lower back during use, which may result in injury. This led us to create our angled / triangular bar, so the users hands are ergonomically positioned to engage, align and support their wrists, elbows and shoulders during use. 

In addition, our two-wheel construction reinforces another Power Glider™ advantage over horizontal bar devices by giving balance in 100’s of uses - including Stretching / Increasing Range of Motion / Building Core and Overall Body Strength. 

​          The Power Glider™ is for all ages, all sports and overall health and wellness . . .  

                                                    at home, office or on the road!

                                             It’s time to GET THE GRIP ON FITNESS!

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Discover how using the Power Glider® can easily Strengthen, Tone, Define, Shape, Tighten and Firm your body.

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