Ramona Braganza

Top Hollywood Trainer

"As a high level international fitness trainer for the last 3 decades and trainer to many A list Hollywood stars I believe deeply in both the power of flexibility and core strength in all aspects of training, whether to look great for a role, or for overall performance. The Power Glider allows me to do all that. With the Power Glider I can help myself and clients get into some very deep stretches in a fluid and controlled manner, but also perform some very dynamic core exercises safely yet very effectively"

Ethan Asher Hollander Leiva

Youth Pro Surfer

"I've been surfing since I was 4 years old, and am now 9 years old, and competing in the Federation of National Circuit Costa Rica, WSA and NSSA in the USA. Having used the Power Glider for the last 8 months, twice a week, I like it because it helps me to build muscle and strength in my arms and core to paddle faster and have more resistance in the water." 

Ryan McAnuff 

Pro Short Track Speed Skater

Core training is very important in my sport. By using the Power Glider for my core roll outs I have seen some major improvements in my core strength. 

Ror Alexander

The Wellness Architect

Being quite inflexible, the typical western 6 foot 4 working out male, I like the Power Glider as it allows me to smoothly transition in my stretches, working through a wide range of movements and motions, and yet it also can be used for some very targeted core work as well when I feel like it". 

Sean McAnuff

World Cup Speed Skater

I use the Power Glider for a number of stretches, and my favorite use for it is for my quads which I use heavily in professional speed skating. 

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